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Full Set on Toes Acrylic

1 hr treatment priced at £50.00

An Invigorating Process

At Dream Nails, we understand the appeal of well-groomed feet, and our 'Full Set on Toes Acrylic' offering is meticulously delivered to revitalise your toes. A popular entrant in our Acrylic Extensions and Extensions categories, this treatment promises to enhance the overall appearance of your feet. The process commences with a thorough cleansing of your feet, ensuring any remnant nail polish or grime is eradicated. Our professionals then proceed to file and shape your nails, preparing them for the Acrylic extension application. The acrylic mixture - a fusion of liquid monomer and a powder polymer - is then sculpted over your natural nails, crafting an extension that hardens as it is exposed to the air. Each toe is taken care of individually, confirming a perfectly tailored fit, and an impeccable finish.

Remarkable Results

Our Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment provides you with resilient and stylish nails that not only augment your aesthetic appeal but also protect your natural nails underneath. One of the significant selling points of acrylic nails is their sheer durability. They outlast most other false nails and withstand accidental knocks or chips. By choosing our acrylic extensions, you can wave goodbye to your worries of smudging or chipping nails! Further, the end product can be painted, allowing you to flaunt any design or colour you wish. If you're looking for a glamorous and sturdy nail solution, our Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment is precisely what you need. Embrace the opportunity to show off your impeccable feet, courtesy of Dream Nails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment?

The Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment at Dream Nails is a meticulous service that involves the application of acrylic extensions on your toenails. The process involves initial cleaning, filing, shaping, and then the application of the acrylic mixture. Each toe is served individually for a perfect fit and finish.

How durable are the acrylic extensions in the Full Set treatment?

Acrylic extensions are known for their exceptional durability. They are much more resistant to knocks or chips compared to other false nails. They provide a sturdy, long-lasting solution for anyone looking for glamorous yet resilient nails.

Can acrylic extensions on toes be painted any colour?

Absolutely! Once the acrylic extensions are set and dried, they can be painted with any colour or design of your choice. This allows you to customise and flaunt your stylish toe nails!

Apart from aesthetics, what are other benefits of the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment?

In addition to augmenting the aesthetic appeal of your feet, acrylics also act as a protective layer for your natural nails underneath. This bonus-sided benefit allows for a healthier nail growth beneath the sturdy acrylics.

What is the acrylic mixture made of?

The acrylic mixture used at Dream Nails is a fusion of liquid monomer and a powder polymer. This forms a hard layer when exposed to air that serves as the extension for your toe nails.

Can I have a Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment if my nails are brittle?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, having acrylic extensions can help protect your natural brittle nails, as they act as a shield, preventing further breakage and allowing your natural nails to grow out stronger.

Is the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment painful?

No, the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment is not painful. At Dream Nails, our professionals ensure that each step, from preparation to final application, is conducted with utmost care with your comfort as a priority.

Does the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment follow any specific hygiene standards?

At Dream Nails, hygiene is paramount. Each procedure, including the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment, involves a thorough initial foot cleansing to ensure a clean and safe service.

Can the acrylic extensions be removed?

Yes, the acrylic extensions can be professionally removed. However, it is highly recommended to always have this done at the nail salon to ensure the health of your natural nails underneath.

What care should I take post the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment?

Post treatment, avoid exposing your toes to excessive moisture. Ensure to wear comfortable footwear that does not cause pressure on your nails. Additionally, regular touch-ups at Dream Nails will help maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of your acrylic extensions.