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Pedicure with Gel Colour

1 hr treatment priced at £45.00

The Procedure

At Dream Nails, our Pedicure with Gel Colour aims to pamper your feet like never before. This treatment starts with a comprehensive foot cleansing to extract any impurities. Our specialists will then gently exfoliate your feet to slough off dead skin cells, promoting healthier and smoother skin.Once your feet are prepped, your nail technician will meticulously shape your toenails, tending to any issues such as ingrown nails. Then, a cuticle care routine is executed to maintain the health of your toenails. Our foot massage using nourishing creams will not only relax you, but will also improve blood circulation.For the finale, a coat of your chosen gel colour is applied to your toenails. High-quality professional-grade gel polish is used to ensure a long-lasting and stunning colour. UV or LED light is used to cure the gel polish, ensuring it dries instantly and remains smudge-free.

The Result

Post-treatment, you will notice an immediate transformation in the appearance and feel of your feet. Your skin will feel suppler, smoother, and your nails will look impeccably groomed. The shiny gel colour on your toenails will add charm to your feet, making them look chic and well-maintained.The best part about opting for a Pedicure with Gel Colour is that the results are long-lasting. With our high-quality gel polish, you can expect your toenails to retain their shine and colour for weeks, even when exposed to daily wear and tear. The pedicure itself also has noteworthy longevity, leaving your feet soft and hydrated for an extended period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 'Pedicure with Gel Colour' service?

Our 'Pedicure with Gel Colour' is a luxury treatment involving foot cleansing, exfoliation, toenail shaping, cuticle care, foot massage and a gel polish of your choice. The results are long-lasting, making your feet look and feel elegantly groomed.

What is unique about the gel polish used at Dream Nails?

At Dream Nails, we use high-quality professional-grade gel polish. This ensures a brilliant, long-lasting colour that can withstand daily wear and tear, remaining smudge-free for weeks.

What does the pedicure procedure involve?

The process begins with a thorough foot cleansing and exfoliation. We then shape your toenails and take care of any issues like ingrown nails or ragged cuticles. The treatment concludes with a foot massage and application of gel colour.

How long will the effects of the pedicure last?

The pedicure leaves your feet well-hydrated and soft for an extended period while the gel colour on your toenails will retain their shine and hue for several weeks.

What type of light is used to cure the gel polish?

UV or LED light is used to cure the gel polish. This treatment ensures the polish dries instantly and remains smudge-free.

Is the pedicure procedure painful?

Not at all. Our expert nail technicians ensure that all procedures, from exfoliation to toenail shaping, are done with utmost care for a painless and relaxing experience.

Will there be any care taken for ingrown nails during this treatment?

Yes, this therapy includes meticulous toenail shaping, addressing any problems you might have, including ingrown nails.

Is this treatment suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, the products we use are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. However, if you have particular concerns, please let us know so that we can take extra care.

What is the purpose of the foot massage during the pedicure?

The foot massage using nourishing creams during the pedicure is planned to relax you, improve blood circulation, and soften the skin of your feet, making them feel supple.

Does this treatment deal with cuticle care as well?

Absolutely! An integral part of our 'Pedicure with Gel Colour' service is a thorough cuticle care routine to ensure the health of your toenails.