Back, Neck & Shoulders

Pampering Aromatherapy Massage

Concentrating on the back, neck, and shoulders, our bespoke aromatherapy massage is an experience to behold. The procedure begins with a consultation to understand your specific stress points and muscle tensions. Our qualified therapist then expertly drizzles your chosen aromatic oil onto your skin. After this, the massage commences, with deft fingers working and kneading the areas of tension to release knots and ease tight muscles. Our technique combines Swedish massage strokes and concentrated pressure to deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Instant Relief and Long-Term Benefits

Immediately after the treatment, you’ll experience a profound sense of relaxation and decreased stress levels. Your muscle tension and pain will be vastly reduced, providing much-needed relief. Regular sessions can lead to significant improvements in sleep quality, reduction of headaches, and increased overall well-being. By alleviating stress, this aromatherapy massage can even boost your immune system, helping you resist colds and flu. Afterwards, not only will your body feel rejuvenated, but your mind will be calmer, leading to improved focus and productivity.

Treatment offered at:
  • Blackwall Reach: £35.00, a 30 mins treatment
Treatment Category:
  • Aromatherapy Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment?

Our 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment is a specialised aromatherapy massage that targets specific stress points and muscle tensions in those areas. It involves the use of aromatic oils, Swedish massage strokes, and concentrated pressure for maximum relief.

What is the purpose of the pre-treatment consultation?

The pre-treatment consultation helps us understand your specific stress points and muscle tensions. This ensures the massage is tailored to your needs, making it more effective in relieving pain and tension.

What oils are used in the massage?

We use a range of aromatic oils in our massage, the choice of which depends on your personal preference and the results of the consultation. Our therapists will guide you in picking the most beneficial one.

How does the 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment help decrease stress levels?

The technique we use combines Swedish massage strokes and concentrated pressure, which helps release muscle tension and promote relaxation. This, in turn, lowers stress levels and induces calmness.

Can I expect pain relief after one session?

Yes, you should experience a significant reduction in muscle tension and pain immediately after treatment. The level of relief can vary from person to person.

How does the 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment improve sleep quality?

Our massage treatment works to alleviate muscle tension and lower stress levels, which can significantly improve sleep quality. Regular treatments can lead to long-term improvements.

Can this treatment help with frequent headaches?

Absolutely, by targeting specific tension areas in the neck and shoulders, our massage can alleviate tension headaches and reduce their frequency when taken regularly.

Does this treatment boost the immune system?

Circulation is improved during the massage treatment, which can in turn boost your immune system by aiding lymph flow. This helps your body's natural defence system to prevent illnesses, like the common cold.

Why do I feel more focused after a treatment?

Reducing stress and promoting relaxation not only helps your body but also your mind. A calmer mind can focus better, improve productivity and maintain mental well-being.

Is this treatment suitable for everyone?

While most individuals can greatly benefit from our aromatherapy massage, some health conditions may need special consideration. Please discuss any health concerns you might have during your consultation so we can accommodate your needs.