The Pampering Process

At Dream Nails, we believe your hands speak volumes about you, which is why we offer an exquisite manicure treatment. Our manicure process begins with a relaxing hand soak to soften your skin and cuticles. The soaking prepares your nails for efficient shaping and filing to bring out the desired shape. Our skilled nail professionals pay keen attention to your individual nail needs to ensure ideal form and symmetry. After shaping, we apply organic cuticle oil to further soften and aid in the gentle removal of cuticles to enhance the overall neatness of your nails.

We then proceed to exfoliate your hands with a hydrating scrub, eliminating dryness and revealing a brighter skin tone. The exfoliation process is followed by a relaxing massage to improve blood circulation, release stress, and rejuvenate your hands. The manicure concludes with a professional polish application from a wide variety of high-quality lacquers to choose from, allowing you to showcase your personality through your nails.

The Rewarding Result

Upon completion of our manicure, you're left with perfectly groomed, brightened nails that express a lustrous shine. The treatment will leave your hands feeling smoother, softer and thoroughly refreshed. Additionally, the massage and exfoliation improve skin texture and tone, contributing to younger, healthier-looking hands. At the end of our manicure treatment, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a lasting, chip-free polish that adds the perfect finishing touch to your hands. It's not just a manicure; it's an experience designed to add elegance and poise to every hand gesture you make--an exquisite beauty routine that will surely make an indelible impression.

Treatment offered at:
  • Loughton: £20.00, a 30 mins treatment
  • Wanstead: £20.00, a 30 mins treatment
  • Royal Wharf: £25.00, a 30 mins treatment
  • Blackwall Reach: £25.00, a 30 mins treatment
  • Gallions Reach: £25.00, a 30 mins treatment
Treatment Category:
  • Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is involved in the manicure treatment at Dream Nails?

Our manicure involves a hand soak, shaping and filing of nails, cuticle oil application, cuticle removal, hand exfoliation, a relaxing massage and concludes with a professional polish application. The process is designed to rejuvenate and add elegance to your hands.

What is the purpose of the hand soak in the manicure process?

The hand soak in our manicure treatment helps to soften your skin and cuticles. It prepares your nails for efficient shaping and filing to achieve your desired form and symmetry.

Why do you apply organic cuticle oil during the manicure treatment?

We apply organic cuticle oil to further soften your cuticles, aiding their gentle removal. This enhances the overall neatness and appearance of your nails.

What are the advantages of exfoliation during the manicure session?

Exfoliating your hands eliminates dryness and reveals a brighter skin tone. It also improves the skin's texture and contributes to a healthier appearance of your hands.

Why is a massage incorporated in the manicure treatment?

The massage in our manicure process helps to improve your blood circulation and release stress. It rejuvenates your hands and contributes to the overall pampering experience.

What should I expect after the completion of the manicure treatment?

After the manicure, your nails will be perfectly groomed, revealing a brighter skin tone and a lustrous shine. Your hands will feel smoother, softer and renewed, with a lasting, chip-free polish.

Can I choose the polish colour for my manicure?

Absolutely, you can choose your prefered polish colour from our wide variety of high-quality lacquers. We believe this allows you to express your personality through your nails.

Is the manicure treatment suitable for all nail types?

Yes, our skilled nail technicians assess and consider your individual nail needs during the manicure to ensure we provide the best care for your unique nail type.

Does manicure treatment at Dream Nails involve any harsh chemicals?

Our manicure treatment uses only high-quality, gentle products. We also incorporate organic cuticle oil, ensuring a natural and nourishing experience for your hands.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, are there any other long-term benefits to getting a manicure?

Absolutely. Regular manicure treatments using our holistic approach can lead to healthier nails and improved skin texture. The massage also aids in maintaining blood circulation, leading to overall healthier hands.