Top Leg

Comfortable Waxing Experience

We understand that waxing can be a dreaded experience for many. That's why at Dream Nails, our top leg waxing treatment is carried out by highly skilled professionals to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible. We use a custom-formulated wax that minimises discomfort while effectively removing hair from the top leg region. The warmth from the wax helps to open up hair follicles, making it easier to uproot each strand completely. Our therapists work swiftly to minimise any discomfort, and a soothing balm is applied straight after to alleviate any post-waxing sensitivity.

Luxuriously Smooth Results

The outcome of our top leg waxing treatment is irresistibly smooth and hair-free legs. You'll notice a significant reduction in hair growth after your first wax. Overtime, waxing can actually cause hair to grow back finer and significantly sparser than before - granting longer periods of perfectly smooth skin. Moreover, waxing exfoliates the top layer of the skin, resulting in added smoothness and a renewed glow. Even better, you don’t have to worry about unsightly stubble that usually occurs from shaving. Experience carefree bare legs, ideal for the rhythm of summer, with our bespoke top leg waxing treatment.

Treatment offered at:
  • Loughton: £18.00, a 25 mins treatment
  • Royal Wharf: £22.00, a 25 mins treatment
  • Blackwall Reach: £22.00, a 25 mins treatment
  • Gallions Reach: £22.00, a 25 mins treatment
Treatment Category:
  • Waxing (Female)
  • Waxing

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 'Top Leg' treatment offered at Dream Nails?

The 'Top Leg' treatment at Dream Nails is a top leg waxing service carried out by our skilled professionals using a custom-formulated wax. The treatment results in smooth and hair-free legs, and overtime leads to finer and sparser hair growth.

What benefits can I expect from the 'Top Leg' treatment?

You can expect numerous benefits from our 'Top Leg' treatment. Not only will it effectively remove hair, but also significantly reduce hair re-growth. Your skin will be extra smooth and have a renewed glow, free of the stubble that comes with shaving.

Does the 'Top Leg' treatment involve any discomfort?

While some discomfort is inevitable with any waxing treatment, our skilled therapists work swiftly and apply a soothing balm after waxing to minimise any discomfort and post-waxing sensitivity.

What is the process of the 'Top Leg' waxing treatment?

Firstly, a warm custom-formulated wax is applied to open up hair follicles. Our professionals then swiftly uproot each strand, minimizing any discomfort. A soothing balm is then applied to relieve any post-waxing sensitivity.

Does the 'Top Leg' treatment work on all hair types?

Yes, our 'Top Leg' treatment works on all hair types. The specially-formulated wax we use is effective in removing different types of hair, leaving your skin smooth and renewed.

Can I expect a reduction in hair growth after the 'Top Leg' treatment?

Absolutely, you'll notice a significant reduction in hair growth after your first session. Over time, the hair grows back finer and less dense, giving you longer periods of perfectly smooth skin.

Will there be any stubble after the 'Top Leg' treatment?

No, unlike shaving, waxing pulls hair from the root. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about unsightly stubble. You can expect carefree bare legs with our top leg waxing treatment.

Does the 'Top Leg' treatment have any exfoliating benefits?

Yes, the 'Top Leg' treatment at Dream Nails offers exfoliation benefits as well. Waxing removes the top layer of dead skin, which leaves your skin smoother and promotes a renewed glow.

Is the 'Top Leg' treatment ideal for summer season?

Yes, the 'Top Leg' treatment is perfect for summers, as it gives you carefree, smooth and hair-free legs ideal for your summer wardrobe.

How is the 'Top Leg' treatment different from shaving?

Unlike shaving that just cuts off hair at the skin's surface, waxing uproots hair completely from the follicle, leading to slower hair re-growth. It also leaves your skin smoother and without any shaving-related stubble.