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OPI Gel Manicure

40 mins treatment priced at £35.00

The Luxurious OPI Gel Manicure Process

Our OPI Gel Manicure is a two-step manicure process designed to provide a clean, polished look while promoting nail health. The treatment begins with the application of a base coat to protect your natural nails and render them ready for the colour gel. An expert nail technician meticulously applies OPI’s premium quality gel colour. Unique to OPI gel colours is their richness and depth, setting them apart in the world of nail aesthetics.

After the application of the desired coloured gel, an LED light is used to cure each layer and lock in the colour. This process magnifies the depth of colour and ensures durability. The manicure concludes with a top coat, which adds another layer of protection and imparts a brilliant gloss to your nails.# Experience Instant Dry and Durable Results

The OPI Gel Manicure at Dream Nails yields immediate and stunning results. Post treatment, your nails are instantly dry, reducing the risk of smudging or chipping usually accompanied with traditional nail polishes. The brilliant shine of the top coat enhances the vibrancy of your selected colour, providing a glossy, salon-like finish.

Another striking feature of the OPI Gel Manicure is its durability. The meticulous curing process and the quality of OPI gel colours result in a manicure that remains chip-free and vibrant for up to two weeks. In today's fast-paced world, a manicure that requires minimal upkeep and delivers long-lasting results is truly a dream come true.

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What is the OPI Gel Manicure?

The OPI Gel Manicure is a two-step process involving the application of a protective base coat and a quality OPI gel colour. It's cured with an LED light to lock in the colour and finished with a glossy top coat. This results in an instantly dry, chip-resistant manicure that lasts up to two weeks.

How does the LED light contribute to the OPI Gel Manicure process?

Using an LED light in the process cures each layer of gel, locking in the colour. This deepens the colour richness and promotes the durability of your manicure, keeping it chip-free and vibrant for up to two weeks.

Will the OPI Gel Manicure damage my nails?

Our OPI Gel Manicure is designed to promote nail health. The base coat applied at the start of the treatment protects your natural nails. However, proper removal is also crucial to avoid damage, so we recommend having it professionally removed at our salon.

Is the OPI Gel Manicure process long?

The OPI Gel Manicure is meticulously applied to ensure quality and durability. While it may be slightly lengthier than a traditional manicure, considering it's chip-resistant and maintains its vibrance for up to two weeks, it's worthwhile the extra time taken.

Do I need to maintain the OPI Gel Manicure in any way?

The OPI Gel Manicure is formulated to require minimal upkeep. However, good hand hygiene and moisturising your hands regularly will always help extend the life of your manicure.

What is the finish of the OPI Gel Manicure?

The OPI Gel Manicure concludes with a glossy top coat. This enhances the vibrancy of your selected gel colour and provides a brilliant, salon-like finish.

Can I choose any colour with the OPI Gel Manicure?

Absolutely! One of the unique features of OPI gel colours is their richness and depth. You can choose from our wide range of premium OPI gel colours to suit your style.

How is the OPI Gel Manicure removed?

The OPI Gel Manicure should be professionally removed to avoid damaging your natural nails. At our salon, we offer a safe and gentle removal process to ensure nail health.

Can I get the OPI Gel Manicure if my nails are very short?

Yes, the OPI Gel Manicure can be applied to nails of any length. The protective base coat and quality gel formula can be applied to even short nails, providing a polished look.

Does the OPI Gel Manicure have a strong smell?

No, the OPI Gel Manicure uses a unique formula that is less odorous than traditional nail polishes. Any smell that might be present during application will dissipate quickly.