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Infills on Toes Acrylic

1 hr treatment priced at £45.00

Rejuvenating Process

Our 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment is truly a rejuvenating process designed to restore the glamour of your toes. We understand the importance of maintaining the pristine look of your nails and our skilled technicians ensure just that. Utilising high-quality acrylic, our professionals fill in the gaps between your acrylic nail extensions and your natural nails which have grown out.

Beginning with an initial inspection of your current acrylic extensions, the treatment is tailored to match your original design or, if required, a new one can be recommended. Using expert techniques, the older acrylic layer is painlessly removed, and a fresh layer is skilfully applied. This not only gives a neat appearance but also strengthens the extensions. We take extra care to ensure that the complete procedure is painless and pleasing.

Glamorous Outcome

Following our 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment, you can flaunt your flawless toes confidently. The infills maintain the uniformity of your acrylic extensions, giving them a near-natural appearance. Additionally, the infills keep your acrylic extensions in place and protect your natural nails, promoting their healthy growth underneath.

Moreover, our experts can reapply the specific colour or design you had chosen for the extensions, or a new one, if desired, recreating the stunning effect. Walking out of Dream Nails, you will have a renewed sense of beauty with glamour at your feet, literally. With regular infills, your nail health and elegance are retained, and you can continue to make your dream style statement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of the 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment?

Our 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' is a rejuvenating process meant to maintain and restore the pristine look of your acrylic toenail extensions. It fills in the gap between your acrylic extensions and natural nails that have grown out.

What can I expect at the beginning of the treatment?

The treatment begins with an initial inspection of your current acrylic extensions. We will then tailor the treatment to your needs, matching your original design, or recommending a new one if required.

How is the older acrylic layer removed?

Our professionals utilise expert techniques to painlessly remove the older acrylic layer before applying a fresh layer. This ensures a sleek, neat appearance.

Will the treatment strengthen my extensions?

Yes, the fresh layer of acrylic applied during the treatment not only enhances the look of your extensions but also strengthens them.

Is the complete procedure painless?

Definitely, we take great care to ensure a painless experience throughout the procedure. Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us at Dream Nails.

What are the benefits of getting 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment?

This treatment maintains the uniformity of your acrylic extensions, giving them a realistic appearance and protecting your natural nails. It also promotes healthy growth underneath, enhancing the overall nail health.

Can I choose a new colour or design during the treatment?

Certainly, our experts can reapply the specific colour or design you had before, or introduce a new one if you prefer. We aim to recreate that stunning effect you loved so much.

How often should I get the 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment?

Regular infills contribute significantly to nail health and elegance. The frequency depends on individual growth cycle and personal preference. Our professionals can provide a more exact schedule after assessing your nails.

Does the 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment damage natural nails?

If done professionally and with care, this treatment will not damage your natural nails. In fact, it protects and promotes their healthy growth.

Are the technicians at Dream Nails skilled in this treatment?

Absolutely! Our technicians are highly skilled in this as well as other treatments. They prioritise maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, quality and customer satisfaction.